Straight to the target

SOTTOTIRO was born from the architectural recovery of the ancient talc grinding mill of San Sebastiano in Perosa Argentina (Turin) - Italy.
In a totally indoor, heated and air-conditioned, modern and technologically advanced environment you can practice your favorite sport.
You will also find courses for beginners and advanced, simulated training for security carriers and jewelers, self defense and a specialized armory.

A state-of-the-art polygon

Sottotiro is an absolutely unique structure in the Italian sports scene.
Come and visit us at our headquarters in Perosa Argentina (Turin) - Italy to train in complete safety or to approach this fascinating discipline for the first time, under the careful supervision of our staff.


Sottotiro is all this and much more!

Come and visit us in Perosa Argentina (Turin) - Italy

Security and technology

We have given our best to create a modern structure, which uses the highest technologies.

Secure access

Access to the shooting areas is only possible upon registration and release of the personal card. The fingerprint recognition allows you to verify the exact correspondence between those accessing the lines and the card holder, equipped with a valid gun permit.

Emergency lock

We have immediate blocking systems in the event that the intervention of the shooting directors is required, who continuously supervise the structure thanks to a sophisticated video surveillance system and immediately reverse, blocking the operation of the shooting line.

Access for the viewers

Spectators can observe the shooters from the outside, in total safety, protected by windows made with armored glass and absolutely safe.

No fumes and dust

The environmental conditions are carefully monitored by a special automatic system which, thanks to an impressive air exchange system, guarantees the immediate elimination of residual fumes and dust.

Noise reduction

Noise abatement has been carefully taken care of through multiple interventions that bring the level far below the legal limits.

Certified Structure

The entire Sottotiro structure is certified by professionals and specialized technicians who have certified the high level of safety from a ballistic, acoustic and environmental point.

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